Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Warm August Thank You

What a great variety of books for this month's roast, don't you think? Please join the Roast Masters in extending heartfelt thanks to:

Stephanie Bodeen (The Compound)
Laurel Snyder (Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains)
J.J. Salem (Tan Lines)
Susan McBride (The Debs)
Brian Jay Jones (Washington Irving: An American Original).

If contest winners haven't contacted the authors to coordinate receipt of their prizes, please do so when you have a chance.

Stay tuned for more delicious roasting in September, and may even a surprise or two.

See you then!!


Word said...

I'll second that! Thank You authors and roast masters and players!


peggy said...

Thanks for letting me stop by and play. It was really quite fun. Can't wait for next month to roll on in here, so I can meet more folks.

Susan McBride said...

I loved being part of the Roasting insanity. It was a blast. And, Jason, that tiara really does look good on you. I mean that.

Susan McBride

laughingwolf said...

thx again, chris, and the rest of your crew...

and to all participants, as well....

Charles Gramlich said...

Good stuff for sure. I enjoyed it.

Sarah Hina said...

I really love the variety of authors/subject matters. And the funnies. :)

Great job, everyone!

Precie said...

Great books, great authors, great fun!

What more could anyone ask for!