Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank You!

All of us here at the Book Roast would like to thank everybody who stopped by, lurked, chatted, played with the ketchup, and otherwise participated in our first grill!

Thank you, Bernita. The first roastee. The brave one. Even though you have an extensive knowledge base of multi-syllabic words and fine art, you are still able to talk about rears. That's versatility.

Thank you, Therese. A familiar face in the blogosphere, you're always willing to support other writers. Plus you're pretty fast at tucking in children, which makes you an idol.

Thank you, Dennis. Someone addicted to multi-media, you took time away from filming to play with us at the roast. Even though you didn't show us a picture of your brain, we all know that you have one. And now you have a whole-face avatar. Very nice. A complete package.

Thank you, Erica. You're graceful and funny and brought Rod the Roofer back to us. I hope we see a sequel to Roofer. The list is endless (plumber, electrician, mechanic....) And make them all hot.

Thank you, Doreen. I think next time you should drive the bus, and make your husband drive the U-Haul with your shoe supply. You sacrificed much for the writing of your book, and it is duly noted.


Please join us every month for a week of roasting the best books and the best authors. Check the sidebar for July's menu selection. We've provided a variety delectable enough to please every palate.


If you'd like to see what it's like behind-the-scenes at the Book Roast, click here.


Charles Gramlich said...

It was definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for doing it. And thanks to all the roasters and roastees.

mmmm, tastes like chicken.

Chumplet said...

I wish I'd been here more often, but this week was crazy! Along with a loss in the family, I had to bust my buns going over the final edits for Bad Ice or I would have missed my release date. Then my roast would have been a weak fizzle.

Can't wait for next month! It's gonna be awesome!

Bernita said...

Dear Chefs and cookees, it was a pleasure.
Thank you.

laughingwolf said...

yes, my thanks to all, as well... look forward to more fun next month!

sorry for your loss, sandra :(

Dave F. said...

Talking food...
I Want my food QUIET! I DEMAND my food not speak!


ChrisEldin said...


Dave, That was one of the funniest food videos I've ever seen (next to Weird Al)

Shona Snowden said...

It's been fabulous - I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who posted this week, roasters and roastees alike.

LOL Dave, are you going to have nightmares now?

SzélsőFa said...

Thank you for hosting it!
Although I missed the last two, I enjoyed those I took part in.

Dave F. said...

Good work on the book roast.
Thanks for taking the time.

laughingwolf said...

btw - that video is wicked... i love it! ;) lol