Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday's Special Is...Earrings of Ixtumea!

Earrings of Ixtumea by Kim Baccellia

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Kim's writing credits include numerous poems published in a variety of magazines, ranging from Beginnings magazine and Latino Stuff Review to Coil magazine. Her poem, My Father , appears in the Mind Mutations Anthology published by The Sun Rising Poetry Press. Her essay on the adoption of her son, Finally, Our Turn , appeared in both Adoptive Families magazine and the Adoptive Families 2003-2004 Adoption Guide . She is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators ( SCBWI).

Another interesting thing about Kim is she's related to the author of "Tarzan." In that vein, let's get swinging with her excerpt!


Could the earrings really be a portal to some world, a world her abuela called Ixtumea?

For once she wished she had listened to those off-the-wall tales.

A high-pitched scream broke Lupe’s concentration. She pulled her earplugs out, thinking at first her iPod was broken. But the sound surrounded her. Startled, she dropped her iPod and backpack. Books and papers scattered on the ground. Passersby seemed not to hear the sound.

The inhuman scream increased in volume. The hairs on the back of Lupe’s neck stood up.

Will this nightmare never end?

Lupe looked around. What’s that sound? She expected to find someone hurt, but nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

Lupe bent to pick up her books and papers. As she shoved everything into her backpack, she glanced over her shoulder and bit her lip. She groped for her iPod. It lay in the gutter with a thin crack down its side.

The sound intensified.

She tossed the broken iPod inside her backpack, fumbling with the zipper. Adrenaline surged through her; she scrambled to get her legs under her, but they’d gone to jelly.

Then she saw him.

Out of nowhere, a bare-chested young man with funky leather underwear jogged across the street, coming toward her. His strong muscular torso rippled with each movement. The panic jangled through her, prickling her skin. Only one thought went through her mind: get home, and fast.

The stranger crossed the street, his eyes never leaving hers.


1) How many songs does Kim have on her I Pod?

2) What is Kim's favorite jelly?

3) Hmmm... "Funky leather underwear." Sounds like a perfect haiku topic, doesn't it? Get busy and write a haiku about funky underwear, leather or not.


ChrisEldin said...

Good Evening everyone!

Let's turn off the election coverage and talk about other coverage--funky underwear.

(sorry! there are too many jokes...)


Anonymous said...

Ok, this will be fun! I'll be in and out to answer any questions.

Kim Baccellia

PJ Hoover said...

1) 2358 songs

2) Apricot

Covering our hair
Funky Leather Underwear
Wear them if you dare

Dave F. said...

interesting book and nice reviews at Amazon. Unfortunately, my niece's little girl is only 7 y/o which is a bit young for this. She's got to read first, huh?
And if you'd ever see the piles of books in my house...
I have a list of books to buy in the future. This has a place there.

A haiku on funky leather underware, oh my, BE-have!

ChrisEldin said...

*warming up some coffee*

Stephanie said...

The book sounds great!

1. 679

2. seedless raspberry

3. I can't do haiku this early in the morning.

Some roses are red
Others are yellow
Some like funky leather
Others prefer commando...

laughingwolf said...

welcome kim :D

1. only one - the x-files theme... looped, of course ;) lol

2. jellyroll morton

3. i still don't do haiku :(

there once was a lad from france
who thought he needed a chance
to impress the girls
sans diamonds or pearls
so donned his short leather pants

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! Thanks for stopping by! I'm loving these haikus!!!

Kim Baccellia

Jacqui said...


1. 936 songs
2. Raspberry peach jam
Crafted of leather
Funky like Grandmaster Flash
Underwear, of course

Anonymous said...

Welcome Kim!!

What kind of jelly is Kim's favorite? Boy, I'm not going to touch that one. And Chris even nudged us in a naughty direction.

Riva said...

1. None anymore - they all ran out the crack in the iPod.

2. Cherry

3. My love is wearing
Funky leather underwear.
It must be removed.

MarPerez said...

1)1500 songs
2)raspberry jam, not jelly
3) leather underwear
leaves many blisters that hurt
not the nicest birthday gift

Anonymous said...

Funny!!! Thanks for dropping by!!

Kim Baccellia

ChrisEldin said...

Funny answers!! But although everyone seems fixated on leather, the haiku allows for other materials...

Dave F. said...

Oh this is scary fo rHalloween. Every time I come over to look at the comments on the Book Roast, I keep linking to the Daily Beast which is a political website (sort of). Now that's a shock!

Charles Gramlich said...

1) How many songs does Kim have on her I Pod?

Answer: only one that plays on a continuous loop.

2) What is Kim's favorite jelly?

Answer: Jelly fish.

3) Hmmm... "Funky leather underwear." Sounds like a perfect haiku topic, doesn't it? Get busy and write a haiku about funky underwear, leather or not.

Answer: Not of this world
the funk burns my nose
leather underwear.

PSGifford said...

1- 865 songs.

2- Boysenberry

3- They chafe I declare
Funky leather underwear
Better to be bare

peggy said...

hahah, I love all these answers!

Jelly? hmm maybe petroleum jelly for the underwear problem :)

Ode to undies

alas my undies
are to small
makes my voice squeaky
and my step creaky.
LOL..I'm not a poet!

ChrisEldin said...

Hi Guys, I'm headed over to my kids' school to partake in a sugar fest, then over to a friend's house to continue the same....

We'll keep this contest/thread open through Saturday at noon (New York time), okay?


Woolen underwear
So warm and scratchy and good
Happy Halloween

Whirlochre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whirlochre said...

1. 8,563

2. Sworn enemy cellulite.

3. Feels good, looks good, but
attracts to my groin the worst
kind of sycophant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your haikus!

I thought I'd share another tidbit on the one who is wearing those funky underwear:

He walked toward the zapote trees and tied the rope around one of the furrowed trunks. He looked like a Mayan god, every muscle emphasized as he tugged on the thick cords. His bronze skin seemed kissed by warm rays of the sun. Now, like one of Aubela's ancient legends of Mexico City, all he needed was the fable aguila-eagle with a vibora in its mouth to complete the picutre of the god proclaiming this area as a holy place.

Kim Baccellia

Anonymous said...

Oops, it's abuela. Which is grandmother is Spanish.

Kim Baccellia

peggy said...

I can't do the tarzan yell on my keyboard :(
sounds pretty handsome to me!

Linda Singleton said...

Hi Kim!

Okay, here's a haiku:

Trick or Treaters gasp
as Kim flashes by wearing...
funky underwear!

Good luck with your writing!

Phoenix said...

Ooh, I'm loving the Latina angle, Kim. Nice change from the standard fantasy fare (of which I'm a huge fan, don't get me wrong!).

Do I see you have another YA coming out? Anything you can share about it this All Hallow's Eve? Sounds like a perfect book for today ;o)

laughingwolf said...

sounds good, chris, but what happened to kim? :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm here! I just accepted an offer on my YA paranormal which should be out next year! No Latina this time though I do have an outline on another tale where this radical group creates the perfect Latina only for it to go seriously wrong.

Kim Baccellia

Anonymous said...

Oh, my YA paranomal CROSSED OUT is Buffy meets the Ghost Whisperer but with some serious 'tude.

Kim Baccellia

Ms Callie said...

She's in disquise! Anon?kim..what a great is trick or trat night :)
Your new book sounds great.,

Anonymous said...

Ok, since some of you asked for something that fits with the season of Halloween, here's another tidbit from my story. Let's just say one creature plays a big part in this story--much to Lupe's horror!

The black obsidian rock had been made into the most realistic spider statue she had ever seen, but with one twist. A woman's features were chisled into the stone. Just looking at this statue, gave her the creeps. She had never cared much for spiders, but one with human traits was too much!

Draped around the edges of the statue were thin strands of a spider web. The opaque fibers reminded Lupe of mummies from Egypt wrapped in linen strips for thousands of years. Her leg felt itchy. She walked carefully around the webs, hoping not to encounter any spiders.

Kim Baccellia

Phoenix said...

Eeee, Kim - that certainly puts me in the mood while waiting for any little goblins who might be about!

Vivian said...

Congratulations, Kim!

Shona Snowden said...

Mmm, pretty earrings and leather underwear. Sure this is YA?!

ChrisEldin said...

Congratulations Kim!!!
That's awesome news!!!!

Good morning again--we'll keep the thread open til noon, then anytime after that Kim will pop in and announce a winner of her book.

Thanks everyone for playing!!

How was everyone's Halloween? We rolled back home close to midnight, and now on our way to soccer. Kids are totally crashed right now...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me, Chris! This has been fun! It's going to hard to chose a winner. Hmmmm....

I love these haikus! What a great contest idea!

Kim Baccellia

PJ Hoover said...

You know, as luck would have it, I happen to already own a copy of the fabulous book being roasted. Since I know I would have won otherwise, you can DQ me from the competition!

ChrisEldin said...

Sorry I'm late! But Kim, whenever you're ready....

Thanks so much to everyone for popping over and reading the excerpt and joining in the conversation!

laughingwolf said...

grats kim... i'm all for paranormal tales with bunches of 'tude thrown in for good measure ;) lol

peggy said...

Kim, it was great fun, and I hope you have great success . Now wheres my loincloth?

Anonymous said...

Heee, Peggy! I'll post the winner by tomorrow. Thanks again everyone who came by!

Kim Baccellia

Anonymous said...

I think I have a winner:

Peggy for

Ode to undies!

Just send me an email at under link with your address and I'll send you a signed copy of EARRINGS!

Thanks everyone for dropping by!

Kim Baccellia

Kimbooly said...

I know I'm very late on posting for this book roast, but I just wanted to tell you Kim that I loved reading all the comments, and I'm so proud of you that Crossed Out is also going to be published now.

I'm terrible at Haiku, but I want to know your favorite jelly and how many songs are on your ipod. I'm guessing 1,329.
Jelly: raspberry
Thought I don't have a haiku, when I can't remember songs, I make up my own words, and for years this is how I've sung the nursery-time clean up song:

Clean up, clean up,
everybody do their share
Clean up, clean up
and put on clean underwear.

Anonymous said...

I found this wicked book on amazon and Barnes and noble.

Called Awake (Are We)? I think its refreshing and new. Its kinda like LOTR and Narnia and even like Harry potter if I had to rate it like a movie its a 12a so I think even young kids would like it. Its about a world called Sublin where this evil guy called the Shadow Night Lord is trying to take over sublin and if he dose he will merge the Wake world with Sublin. Its really cool!!

check it out its something new.


sexy said...