Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday's Special Is...Inside Out Girl!


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“Tish Cohen has created an endearing portrait of a type-A single mom in Inside Out Girl, but what you’ll really love is watching Rachel Berman’s transformation after becoming the guardian of learning disabled Olivia. As the pair’s relationship grows, Rachel finally comes to realize that being perfect has almost nothing to do with being truly happy.” -- Parenting Magazine

“It’s too soon to tell whether Inside Out Girl will be coming soon to a theatre or plasma screen near you, but the odds seem pretty good . . . Cohen uses wry humor and genuine emotion to bring about a bittersweet close. That empathetic quality, regardless of Hollywood’s persistent calls, is what marks Cohen as one of Canada’s strongest new talents.” --MACLEAN'S magazine (Canada)

Read the excerpt below, then answer the questions below for a chance to win a free copy of "Inside Out Girl." If you already have the book or don't want to answer the questions, then please feel free to drop in to say hello and talk to Tish!!



Then—the reason she’d been late getting dressed—Tabitha Carlisle. Gazing at Tabitha from afar, Janie stumbled over a rock. Which pretty much summed things up. About three months ago, Janie tripped over Tabitha and had yet to stand up straight.

It happened in gym class. Well, after gym class, in the locker room. Most of the girls were in the shower, but not Janie. She never showered at school. She didn’t want anyone to see her naked, but Tabitha and her friends had no such bodily hang-ups. They came back from the showers barely wrapped in towels, giggling and completely oblivious to who might be trying not to look at them. Tabitha’s clothes were in the cubby next to Janie’s.

Janie had turned her back and was yanking a t-shirt over her head so no one could see the suit of armor that was her bra, when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around to find Tabitha smiling and holding something out in her hand. It was Janie’s striped hairband.

“It was on the floor,” Tabitha said, wearing nothing but a flimsy blue bra and panties. Powder blue. With tiny blue satin rosettes sprinkled across the front. Not that Janie looked. “Is it yours?”

So nervous she thought she’d throw up, Janie grunted and snatched up the hairband more aggressively than intended.

“You’re from the bus stop, right?” Tabitha had moved in next door a few days prior. But half her gymnastics team went to The Wilton School—the pricey alternative private school Janie and Dustin had attended since kindergarten and would continue to attend until college—so Tabitha had built-in friends. “I’ve learned so many names since moving, I keep forgetting.”

Janie smiled and stood up taller, nodding. “Cool.”

Tabitha smiled and motioned toward Janie’s chest. “It’s sweet.”


“Your hairband.” She reached out and touched the strip of fabric Janie still held in her hand. “I wish I had one like it.” Then she turned back to her friends, leaving Janie more gnarled than the ratted nylon.

Now, Janie swallowed as she approached the bus stop. How could anyone look so good just standing there? Tabitha’s long blond hair was tucked behind her ears. Janie already knew she’d be wearing the faded khakis and three black rubber bracelets. Her binoculars were that good.
Just as Janie was preparing a witty comment—something about Tabitha’s bracelets and good things coming in threes—the bus roared up and blanketed her unlaced Doc Martens in a film of dust. As the other kids hauled themselves up and into the vehicle, Janie hung back.

She had a plan.

Tabitha Carlisle was a creature of habit. Every morning, grinning at Libby Anders in the second row, she sauntered down the aisle, then flopped into the seat with the wheel well so she could prop her feet on it. Always on the left, always by the window. Janie just needed to casually slide into the empty seat beside Tabitha and dazzle her with her shining personality. Simple.

The doors yelped to a close behind Janie. Tabitha’s blond hair glowed, beckoning, just where it should be – about two-thirds of the way back, on the left. By the window. For a second it looked as if Dustin, little shitface, might swing into Tabitha’s seat. Janie held her breath and vowed to pound him after school, but at the last moment his revolting friend burped Dustin’s name from the back seat and he continued on, clearly charmed.


As the bus pulled out into traffic, Janie slid into the left wheel well seat. Right beside Tabitha.

Tabitha glanced up and pretend-smiled. “Saved,” was all she said.

Janie jumped up, mumbled, “Sorry,” and dove into the next seat back. She folded her arms across her chest and tried not to stare at Tabitha’s hair the rest of the way to school.


1) Tish has acquired many hang-ups throughout the years. Name one of them.

2) Residing in Tish's computer is a folder called "Character Nicknames." Little Shitface is in there. What's another nickname in that folder? (Not too racy, folks!)

3) How does Tish charm her friends into sitting next to her on the bus?


ChrisEldin said...

Hi Everybody!

Tish is recovering from jet lag and will be here tomorrow to visit and chat.

I can't tell you how drawn I feel to this book. I guess it's a combination of the topic, the writing, and the age of the character. This book will definitely be on my bookshelf very soon!!


ChrisEldin said...

Top of the morning, everyone!!

laughingwolf said...

welcome tish [from the old easter coaster, in hfx] ;)

hiya chris... top o' the morn back atcha!

1. tish's main hangup: other girls' manes... but then, understandable when you're bald! ;)

2. another character nickname: hoser hannah

3. of course, tish's secret is her mastery of the piccolo, typical snake-charmer that she is :O lol

Charles Gramlich said...


1) She has never been able to complete her collection of hairbands.

2) Dorkwad Dingleberry

3) Blonde hair extensions.

Tish Cohen said...

Chris - I got home last night and just knew someone had been snooping through my desktop folders. Was it you who left the peanut butter smears? You do realize I have PB issues, hmm?

ChrisEldin said...

I usually wipe my hands on my shirt, but I guess I forgot to this time....

Tish Cohen said...

Wolf. Darling. Had my second child been female, he would have been named Hannah. And - coincidence - her middle name was to have been Hoser. Aw, now you've gone and made me all misty...

Quick wolf story for you. I was in Calgary and Banff (in the Canadian Rockies where the Elk roam free and hang out in the middle of town) for Wordfest last week and popped into a ski shop to find an actual wolf prowling around the thermal underwear section. He was the size of a bear. True story. He was not, sadly, laughing. Nor was I.

Tish Cohen said...

Charles, baby. You've struck me to my very core with the hair extensions. The photo you see is the last childhood photo taken before my mother decided that a girl with my temperament and my aversion to post-shampoo tangles did not deserve a cute blond bob. She, henceforth, took me to the barber for shag haircuts.

laughingwolf said...

tish, you know the way to my old heart, and melted it... thx hon ;)

love your meeting with my ol man in the undies department, too... that's about his total recall on the stuff, however... no sex involved, just keeping his butt warm from our approaching canuckistanian winter! :D

am i laughing, betcher bippy! ;)

so tish, i see from your post to friend charles, you go in for a shag and a haircut... wicked! :O lol

Tish Cohen said...

Note to self...add Betcher Bippy to character file.

Yeah, I walked right into that shag comment...

laughingwolf said...

lol... you NOSE ol wuff's gonna spot em... at least MOST times, tish ;)

Laura Benedict said...

The evil blogger monster ate my first incredibly long comment...

Anyway--I'm thrilled to see you here, Tish! xo

jason evans said...

Wait. Being type A doesn't lead to happiness?!

I should've figured that out by now. I would be much happier. Maybe there's a class I can take....

Welcome, Tish! Great to have you here at Book Roast. :)

by Karen Dionne said...

I read INSIDE OUT GIRL a couple of weeks ago, and LOVED it! Such clean, crisp writing, and fabulous story-telling. Go, Tish!!!

Tish Cohen said...

Laura - you do realize Blogger only eats the most brilliant comments, right?

Tish Cohen said...

Jason - are you type A in all areas of life? I always wonder about that.

Tish Cohen said...

Karen - Have I told you lately that I love you? ;) Thanks, my dear. I have yours and my husband, my older son and I are fighting over who reads first.

ChrisEldin said...

I just ordered this book! Can't wait to read it also!!

Phoenix said...

Oh, oh! Gotta ask an industry question: I saw Inside Out Girl was a Target Breakout Book this past summer. What did that mean for you? Personally, financially, review-wise, readership-wise, however you'd like to address it.

Or ignore me and go back to the party talk ;o) - Loved the wolf story, btw!

Robin S. said...

Hey Tish,

I really enjoyed the excerpt from your novel- and I really love that nickname from your folder - 'Little Shitface'.

I'm pretty sure I went out with that guy one time, as I feel strongly that one can be tall and still be called a Little Shitface.

I'm just sayin'.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Just got out of work because the idiot in the next cube came in drenched in perfume. Maybe my light-headedness will help me answer these questions.

1) Tish has acquired many hang-ups throughout the years. Name one of them.

Hang ups? Um, let's see. The usual suspects like biting fingernails or hangnails seem tame. Toenails would be interesting from a bendability POV. I could say picking her nose, but I don't know Tish well enough for that. I'll go with something along a slightly different line and say obsessive compulsive straightening. She can't write a single word if anything is out of place on her desk.

2) Residing in Tish's computer is a folder called "Character Nicknames." Little Shitface is in there. What's another nickname in that folder? (Not too racy, folks!)

How about Booger Head? (Am I still on the picking nose thing? Geez.)

3) How does Tish charm her friends into sitting next to her on the bus?

Well not by picking her nose that's for sure. How about promising to not pick her nose?

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hm. I see char on the grill. Did Tish already get flamed and eaten?

Tish Cohen said...

Phoenix, well one thing it didn't do, thankfully, was make my face break out. It did help me get a few pieces of press, it helped with chain store orders in Canada who watch the Target picks (Wal-Mart, Costco, drug stores, etc.). It means an order of 7,000 I believe, which helps your overall earnout. And Inside Out Girl has been enjoying a fair amount of success with book clubs, some of that because of Target.

Tish Cohen said...

Robin - no question, he need not be tall. There are other ways an ex can be little...

Tish Cohen said...

Sarah, I just lifted toes to face and can assure you I could chew on my toenails if so inclined. Maybe not the piggy toe, but definitely the big toe. Please don't be repulsed, I didn't actually try it.

Cute bus story. Once when I was about 16, I sat in the back of a bus from Newport Beach to Fullerton and made screeching monkey noises the whole way home.

Sarah Laurenson said...

screeching monkey noises? I hear that's great for getting you a free ride somewhere. Can't remember the name, but the limo driver wears white and always carries a white jacket with extra long sleeves for the guest of honor.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Sometimes you just gotta try those kinds of things. But let me tell you, Meow Mix tastes awful.

ChrisEldin said...

Screeching monkey noises and biting big toes...I think I found a new best friend.

Sarah Hina said...

Great excerpt, Tish! You really captured the heartbreak and casual cruelty of this age. And congratulations on all your success! How exciting for you. :)

Now for the questions:

1) She has to save the entire row of seats at a movie theater.

2) Peter Picker

3) Candy!

Tish Cohen said...

Sarah, I SO want that jacket. My arms come almost to my knees.

Word said...

Hi Tish!

Thanks for getting roasted! Order up!

Honestly - I wouldn't know what to read if it wasn't for the Book Roast site. Probably still be going through the Capt. Underpants series. Tee Hee.

So this book sounds uber intriguing. And I see Chris ordered me a copy already. Thumbs up to Chris! Thanks girlfriend!

Let's see now, some pot roast needs to be stirred. Think I'll throw in some onions now...

1. Tish's biggest hangup - Fruit of the Loom three pack panties. She's got loads of them still in the packages...just in can never have too many undies.

2) Nicknames? Oh I've got loads of them. I bet you DON'T have this one Tish - "Stupid Head Apple Cider Spiller Stupid Head" Yeah - my little one said that last night. I'm so proud.

3) Just a lil ol somethin somethin in a brown paper bag and a can of coke (the soda people!!)

Tish Cohen said...

Chris. Deal, BFFs.

Sarah - Glad to see you! Thanks for the kind words. About the row of theater seats, I laughed out loud. I'm so paranoid about theater coughers I've devised a special hood system which, when combined with a well-timed slump, can ward off all sorts of microbes.

Word - I'm heading off to check the brand of my undies. Wait here...hah! Foiled you, they're Jockeys. But they do come in a three pack. :)

Word said...

Oh shoot...did I say Fruit of the Loom? I meant Jockeys! Jockeys I say!

Seriously though - can't wait to read your book. Sounds excellent!

Tish Cohen said...

Word - I don't know, once you diss the Jockey...

ChrisEldin said...

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and chatted, as well as everyone who stopped by and read the excerpt!!!

Tish, thank you for being so funny, so gracious, and also just a tad bit on the gross side!!! We love ya! Anytime you are ready, you can announce the winner of your book. Thanks again for spending time with us. We wish you the best of every success moving forward!


Robin S. said...

Oh yeah, Tish.

I'm there, honey. Or was, anyway.

Tish Cohen said...

Thanks, Chris, for having me. And thanks so much to all who stopped by.

I think, because of the saving a whole row of seats at the movie theater, I have to pick Sarah as winner of a copy of Inside Out Girl. Mainly because she's given me a great new idea. Only I may expand upon it and save the row behind me as well.

Bye all and thanks again!

Sarah Hina said...

OMG! OMG! Thank you, Tish!!!

Wow, I've never won one of these before. And I'm thrilled to be receiving a copy of your book! I can't wait to read it. You really made an impression on me with the excerpt. :)

As for saving the row behind you--I say go for it! This way, you can avoid the Feet People, too. Oh, you know who I mean...


Phoenix said...

Yay, Sarah!! Congrats!

Tish, here's to you. Thanks so much for dropping by!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Way to go, Sarah!

Enjoyed roasting (with) you, Tish.

laughingwolf said...

grats sarah... and thx tish :D