Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi! Izza Me Antonio!

I amma sorry to be saying Signorina Speetfire sheeza not feeling so good today. Sheeza very many sick anna cannot be here with you. Sheeza never missing work. She hate missing work. She call me this a morning when I amma in the offees and she say “Antonio I hate missing a work. But I amma sick. You finish this anna that then you canna have the rest of day to work onna jor project. But don’t talk to those a women on fifth floor Antonio. They try to take jor clothes. Maybe you canna ask the nice people at Booka Roast to be helping you on jor project.”

Sheeza not saying exactly like that. How you say? Summarize? I summarized for you.

Maybe you are remembering last week Signorina Speetfire say sheeza finding me at computer inna offees onna holiday? Sheeza saying to me later izza everything OK Antonio? You seema upset when you mumble onna computer.

First I say to Signorina Speetfire everything izza OK. I fine. No problems. But that not the truth and later inna day we talk about some more anna I tell Signorina Speetfire about my sister Isabella.

Isabella sheeza twelve. When I leave my country for United States Isabella not come because I want to have nice place for her to live. We not have home in Italy. We live onna street. Isabella sheeza my sister yes. I love her like sheeza my sister yes. But sheeza not my sister…how you say? Tecknickelly? Her family gone. My family gone. We take care of each other. Sheeza OK right now. Sheeza live with nun in Italy. But sheeza saying to me hurry up Antonio. Find new place to live in United States because they want to make me nun too. This izza funny because Isabella sheeza not like nun.

The place I live in New Yorka New York izza OK for me but not for Isabella. Izza small anna have too many cockaroach anna rat. Summa time people shooting guns. Izza very loud. I look for new place onna computer anna I find a some but they are much money. This izza OK because I get second job! Signorina Speetfire sheeza telling me good for you Antonio if it izza not interfering with a this job.

The new job izza at night anna I sit inna desk with a many many people sitting inna desks all around. The people inna this room we call other many people atta their houses when they are eating a dinner anna ask them many many questions from onna paper. Summa people they do not like a to talk so they hang up the phone before I ask a them questions!

I ask a my second job boss if I canna say my own questions anna he is saying to me yes yes Antonio when you get very much better with a English. I want to a practice my questions so I amma ready. I hope you are notta minding that I amma asking question below to practice. Please answer inna the comment if you are wanting to only. Grazie!

Signorina Speetfire sheeza going to get a better soon anna I amma thinking sheeza going to be here next week.

Practicing Question by Antonio:

What izza the most difficult part for you about writing? What izza the most easiest part for you about writing?


Chris Eldin said...

Antonio! You poor, wretched creature.

I have a question--when do you find time to work out?

Antonio said...

Chris Eldin! Thank you! I amma working during the day for Signorina Speetfire anna now I work atta night for Signor Clump. Sorry. I thought I make a that explained better.

Miss Susanna said...

Oh sugar,

You are such a sweet dear to look out for Isabella. I'm sending you some peach cobbler - fresh peaches from my own back yard.

Poor Sally. Why all that cold snow and ice and lawd knows what else. It's a wonder she hasn't come down with something until now.

I'm sendin' some sunshine in honor of groundhogs day (we don't celebrate that one down here but I hear y'all love that one up north). Or should I be sendin' some clouds? I never can recall which way it should go - see the shadow or don't see the shadow.

Antonio - your practice questions are wonderful dear. I don't write much myself - just recipes and grocery lists, so my biggest challenge is finding something to write with. Chloe chews my pencils whenever she takes a mind to it.

Charles Gramlich said...

It sounds, Antonio, as if you've been severely abused by your boss and should probably sue. You deserve better, my friend.

laughingwolf said...

hardest part: sitting in one place for hours on end; easiest is putting fingers on keyboard... or is it 'keybored'? :O lol

Anonymous said...

The easiest part for me is dialog and mood, Antonio.

The hardest part(s)...finding time to write and writing for long periods once I find the time.

Hey, you remind me of that guy from Interview with the Vampire.

Antonio said...

Miss Susanna,

I amma thanking you already for jor peachy cobbler. I cannot a wait. I have a leetle bit from last one you send and izza very very good.

Charles Grimlach,

That izza nice of you. I amma not understanding completely. Sorry. It izza my English. Hey, we are standing in almost same pose in foto!


Thank you for jor answers! What does this means? :O lol I have notta learned all the words yet.

Jason Evans,

I have a seen that movie! Izza very good! You are meaning Christian Slater? Thank you! Izza very nice of you.

Shona Snowden said...

Well, Antonio, if you are waiting for somebody to speak to you when you call them uninvited at dinner time, you will be waiting a very long time. I think your English will be perfect by then.

Hard about writing...squeezing it into the day. Easy about writing...not much!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hard about writing - writing
Easy about writing - writing

Easy answers.

Good to see you take such good care of your boss, Antonio. You're a nice man.