Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday's Special...Invisible!

INVISIBLE by Kimber Chin

Maeve Delaney knows how to make people disappear. The rules are simple. Cut all ties to the past, don’t talk about yourself and never ever let a man get close. That includes any would-be partners with potty mouths, broad shoulders, and gentle hands.

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Excerpt from INVISIBLE

Maeve woke to her fingertip stinging like the bejesus and the fizzling sound of hydrogen peroxide. She tried to yank her hand away. No chance. Hagen had a good grip around her wrist as he gently dabbed at the cut with a pure white cotton ball.

He looked almost concerned, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her. Couldn’t be, Maeve blinked a couple of times, he hated her, didn’t he?

The confusion must have shown. “Do you know who I am?” Hagen studied her.

“The devil,” she muttered, uncomfortable with the way he was looking at her.

“Close enough.” That made him grin as he wrapped her finger in a bandage a couple shades darker than her skin. “You’ll live.”

“Until you manage to kill me.” Maeve knew that she should be appreciative. She couldn’t dig up the humility.

“Wouldn’t take much. One tiny scrape,” he held up her finger for her inspection, “and you faint.”

“I did not faint,” she insisted despite all the evidence to the contrary. If she hadn’t fainted, then how did she get from the hall to the bed? How had she? Had he carried her? For that to have happened, okay, she might have fainted…

“Mmm.” He wasn’t bothering to answer, placing the garbage in the bin.

“If I did faint.” At his triumphant glance, she hastily added “which I didn’t. It wouldn’t be because of the cut. It’d be because I haven’t eaten anything today.”

Hagen checked his watch, the sleek Rado, black against the golden of his arm. Wrinkles appeared between his blond eyebrows. “D--- it woman, it’s seven o’clock. Why haven’t you eaten?”

“I was looking for your clue.” Maeve put the blame on him.

He said something under his breath. She couldn’t quite make it out, but based on his past language, it was nine chances out of ten, a curse. “You’re a grown woman who didn’t eat and now have the d--- nerve to try to make this all my fault?”

Maeve shrugged, suppressing a grin. Everything was back to normal. The soft Hagen was gone. This angry Hagen she could deal with. “If the shoe fits…”

His lips thinned into an angry line. “The d--- shoe does not.” Hagen stomped away.


Please answer the following question for a chance to win a free copy of INVISIBLE. Or, pop in and chat with Kimber!!
What other articles of clothing do not fit Hagen?


Kimber Chin said...

Thanks to everyone at Book Roast for hosting me today!

Woo hoo!

I love, love, love this novel!
It was my 'I'm-never-going-to-get-published-so-I'm-writing-whatever-I-want manuscript.
It was a blast to write!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Welcome all!

The grill's extra hot today.

Pull up a chair and get ready to warm your fingers and burn your ears with Kimber.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Hi Kimber!

Just putting on some coffee, unless you'd like something a bit stronger?

I'm glad you wrote what you wanted, had a blast and got published. That's the kind of success story we writers like to hear.

Kimber Chin said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, Sarah!

Do you need a little something-something for that coffee? (I am part Irish - I had to marry to get the Chin last name)

Note to readers: I might have bleeped out my excerpt but the novel hasn't been. (grinning) So there are ummm... a few cuss words. (Hagen is dealing with a loved one's death and is quite angry).

Sarah Laurenson said...

Irish, eh? Oh yeah, this roast will be a hot one.

What's your favorite part about the developing relationship between Hagen and Maeve?

Carmen said...

Let's see, I bet that tight collars don't fit Hagen either.

I think you should always write what you want. Never write for publishers/agents.

Kimber Chin said...


I love the way Maeve and Hagen communicate.

Maeve doesn't talk at all.
She hides people.
That's difficult to do successfully if you're chatty.

Hagen, on the other hand,
is a former auctioneer.
He talks, and talks, and talks.
He talks all the time,
anywhere (even during, well, you know).

It takes them a while
to figure out how to communicate properly.

Kimber Chin said...

Hi Carmen!
(Waving at you)
I see your site.
I'm a big time cruiser myself.
The hubby and I take one or two a year (our fave was a Baltic cruise - wonderful).

There's writing what you like
and writing what you like while keeping the market in mind.
Hagen cusses a lot in Invisible.
That's not going to make some publishers happy.
Four people die.
Again, not always a selling point in a romance.
There aren't answers to all the questions.
That made even my publisher pause.

But it works!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Communication is so key in any relationship. That's a very interesting stumbling block you gave them.

Kimber Chin said...

Yeah, while my novels do have a strong plot,
I'm a character writer at heart.
I find people fascinating.

Some people hate taking the bus.
I love it.
Sitting there,
watching people interact
is my idea of fun.
Better than tv because it's real.

Chris Eldin said...

This excerpt was a fun and fast read! Love the dialogue!!!

Kimber Chin said...

Thanks Chris!

My novels tend to be fast reads. I'm a bare bones writer. Not a lot of description.

Too many years blogging, I guess. You learn how to eliminate all the extras.

laughingwolf said...

welcome, kimber :D

hagen dislikes ALL clothing, but especially the stiletto heels he's forced to wear at times, trying to run in em is no cakewalk... all part of 'the job', of course ;) lol

Kimber Chin said...

LOL laughingwolf
Hagen is a very large man.
Those would be some huge stilettos.
Vintage, of course, 'cause he's an antique collection.
Maybe a 1960's Polly Of California mule?

Kimber Chin said...

That should read antique collector.
Though I would like to put Hagen in my collection.

Sarah Laurenson said...

My writing's a bit on the bare bones side, too. And that's what I like to read. I find myself skimming through long descriptions in a lot of books.

Kimber Chin said...


I admire you, writing YA.
Is it tough to keep up with all the lingo?
Their language changes so quickly.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Lingo is a bear. It does change so very much. Some authors I know make up their own lingo. That never goes out of style.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Gotta run to work. Hopefully the computer will cooperate today and I can still check in on the roast from time to time. Have fun!

Kimber Chin said...

Thanks Sarah for taking good care of me this morning!

I'm sure blogger will behave.

Diesel said...

Good for you, Kimber. I agree that you should always right what you want. Otherwise, what's the point? There are easier ways to get rich than writing a bestseller. Like winning the lottery. :)

I think Hagen's corset is a bit tight.

Kimber Chin said...

LMAO, Diesel.
Yes, it is challenging to mold a barn door body into an hourglass figure.

There ARE easier ways to grow wealth.
As a businessgal and investor myself, I don't even consider money as part of the writing equation.
My goal is to break even.

laughingwolf said...

kimber, whatever works, i say ;) lol

collection/collector, makes no never mind, so long as he's loved :O

but he can't be much bigger'n me, i'm 6'4" and nearly 250# :P

Kimber Chin said...

I used to only date guys 6'4" and taller. That was my cut off height.

Then I married an Asian guy. LOL. He's wishes he was 6'

Jackie B. said...

Welcome, Kimber.
Hagen's hat is looking a little snug. Maybe once Maeve shrinks his ego (and head) some it will fit again!

McKoala said...

Blogger behave? That'll be the day. I think it's getting tired from overuse.

Nice and taut. That's the excerpt I'm talking about.

Kimber Chin said...

Oh, don't worry, Jackie, Maeve does a happy dance all over Hagen's ego.

And the girl Hagen thinks he loves married his better looking cousin (Hagen is an ugly man - just about everyone is better looking than him). His ego doesn't do so well in this book.

Kimber Chin said...

I had a look at the blogs you follow, McKoala (waving hi).
If that list of titles isn't inspiration for a story, I don't know what is!

Kimber Chin said...

Dang, I was really hoping Antonio would drop by.
That man can assist me any day he wants!

Sarah Laurenson said...

Antonio is a popular guy around here. You can always click on his picture for a longer look at him in action.

Caroline said...

I have a complaint. Since I have started reading your books, I am not getting enough sleep! I start reading, and all the sudden it is after midnight, and I have to get up for work in the morning. Talk about addictive.

Kimber Chin said...

Awww... thank you, Caroline!
I'm sending you a virtual hug!

Comments like yours are the only reason I publish my writing.
(I write for myself,
I publish for readers)

Kimber Chin said...

Sarah, can I give away books now?
Or are we still waiting for more entries?

Yeah, I'm a bit excited.
I love giving people stuff!

McKoala said...

Or I just have weird friends. Eh, Sarah?

Sarah Laurenson said...

So Sorry, Kimber. The computer at work decided to not let me through. So yes, fire away with those giveaways!

Kimber Chin said...

Now, lets see...
We have Sarah, Carmen, Chris, laughingwolf, Diesel, Jackie B, McKoala, and Caroline.
8, a very lucky number.
It is Valentine's Day on Saturday.
And Invisible is a romance.

Well, I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box but...
I'm figuring that means I should give a PDF eBook copy of Invisible
(as it is not available in print yet)
Please email me
kimber at .
Replace the at with @, remove the spaces and all that.

I'll try to contact everyone but just in case...

Sarah Laurenson said...

Wow! That's very generous of you, Kimber. Thank you for being a gracious Roastee!

laughingwolf said...

oh wow! thx so much, kimber :D

there ARE some oriental men taller than 6'4", as you know, but love knows no height :)

Kimber Chin said...

Very true, laughingwolf.
One of my best buds is Taiwanese and he's about 6'3"
I'll get your book to you tonight.

Having attachment issues here at the day job.