Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday's Special is Welcome to Redemption

Welcome to Redemption by Stacey Joy Netzel

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Second chances don't always come easy, but in the small town of Redemption, if you're willing to try, anything is possible. From a single mother struggling to make it on her own, to an EMT drowning in the guilt of his past...four couples, eight journeys, one place they all call home. Nestled in the heart of Northeast Wisconsin, Redemption offers these lost souls not only a second chance in life, but in love, too.

Please read the following excerpt and answer the question at the end for a chance to win a free copy of WELCOME TO REDEMPTION! Or just pop in and say hi to Stacey!

Excerpt from Welcome to Redemption

Charlie Russell scowled at the bright afternoon sun and wished he hadn't had so much to drink at Rowdy's last night. That, and Sugar's hell-bent-for-leather path down the sidewalk, intensified the headache pounding at his temples. Most days he could keep the ten-month-old Great Dane in check, but today she was like a souped up Harley on nitro.

At least she pulled him in the right direction—straight to Carrie's Coffee to Chai For on Salvation Street. In front of the shop's window, he lifted his sunglasses and squinted inside to see Carrie wiping down the half-dozen or so tables. He raised his hand to knock on the glass, only Sugar jerked his arm, and tugged him toward the door as it opened with the tinkling of a bell.

"Sugar, no. Come here, girl," he admonished, catching his balance after stumbling a step. He managed to stop the dog seconds before she accosted the woman walking out with two iced coffees in her hands. "Sorry."

"No problem."

The woman looked up from Sugar to him with a smile, and Charlie blinked when he saw her startling light green eyes. Long blonde curls rioted about her face and shoulders, and she wore a white sleeveless blouse with a frilly collar and a pair of tan pants. Dropping his sunglasses back into place to cover his bloodshot eyes, he tried not to stare, but found the combination of wild curls and sophisticated clothes on a beautiful woman impossible to resist.

She sidestepped in her strappy high heels and walked toward a metallic green Toyota Hybrid parked in front of the shop, her gaze sweeping over him before her smile faded. He ran a self-conscious hand through his dark hair that needed a trim, wishing he'd showered and combed it before taking Sugar for a walk. Maybe worn something other than a ratty tee shirt, cutoff jeans and holey tennis shoes. Yeah, so what, he'd brushed his teeth, but he should've shaved, too. Not that she'd look twice at him anyway, but still.

He turned back to the coffee shop and saw Carrie hold up a hand to let him know she'd be out in a minute. Anticipation for the reviving cup of French Roast she'd bring out made his mouth water.

"Excuse me?"

Charlie heard the feminine voice and turned to see the beautiful blonde standing by her car. She lifted the iced coffees, and with another smile, asked, "Would you mind getting my door?"

His heart skipped a beat. "Of course."

He took a quick step forward, then, too late, realized Sugar came with him. She rushed forward and shoved her large black nose under the woman's hands in an excited demand for attention. With a gasp of surprise, the woman's fingers clenched on the plastic cups, popping both clear tops off. Charlie pulled on the leash, but watched helplessly as one cup dumped down the front of her shirt and the other spilled along the length of her right thigh.


Question: Would you like Sugar with your coffee? (Come on, you had to see that coming!)


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Good morning! Diesel, Chris, Book Roast, thanks for having me!

Though I submitted the information for this book, you may have noticed my partner in crime, Donna Marie Rogers. :) I was lucky to share this work with my critique partner, a wonderful writer in her own right.

So, if you want to check out the excerpts of Donna's two stories in WELCOME TO REDEMPTION, you can visit her at She'll be around to participate in the fun today, too. :)

To answer the question, I'd love Sugar with my coffee, I just don't think I could afford it. :) The few times I've checked into getting a Great Dane, I found that one puppy would cost more than what I paid for my two horses combined. Yikes! Plus, they eat as much as a horse. :)

I do put sugar and honey in my tea.

Diesel said...

Welcome, Stacey! Sorry to leave out Donna.

I don't think I could handle Sugar. Is there something like the equivalent of Sweet & Low for Great Danes?

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Diesel, you didn't leave her out, nothing to apologize for. We do separate promo sometimes, but I wanted to make sure I mentioned her in case anyone wanted to check out her website. She's got some great books!

I wish there was a Sweet and Low version of a Great Dane, I might be tempted to cough up the money then. But all that energy combined with my 3 kids would drive me completely insane! :)

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hello Diesel, Chris and everyone! Stacey, thanks for the shout out. LOL I'm rushing around, trying to get ready for my writers meeting, but I'll be back later in the afternoon. :-)

Sandy said...

Hey, Stacey, I'm just popping to say 'hi' since I already have my copy of Welcome to Redemption. It was a fantastic read with four connecting stories. Donna and you are wonderful story tellers.


P.S. Can't wait to read Chasin' Mason.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Donna, me too! I almost forgot to mention that. I have a WisRWA meeting to go to with Donna, so we'll both be back after 3pm.

Comment away--give me lots to catch up on when I get back!

laughingwolf said...

oooooo sassy stuff!

welcome, stacey... and donna :)

as for sugar in my coffee? fughedaboudit... ol wuff's sweet enuf :P lol

as for SUGAR, she'd be welcome wiff da wuff any time ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like a mess and someone has to clean it up.

In this case, in answer to the question, I'd take my coffee with green eyes to go.

T. Anne said...

Conrat's on you novel Stacey! I enjoyed the excerpt, esp. since it was from a male perspective. Sound's like I'd need the entire pot plus the grinds just to keep up with sugar.

Edie said...

Stacey and Donna, fun excerpt! I have a dog like that, though she's an English setter. A great dane would be way too big for me.

Mary Ricksen said...

Yesterday afternoon I was holding a cup of tea in a styrofoam cup. Wouldn't you know my German Shepherd jumped up (a puppy) to great me and knocked it out of my hands. How cool to read about the exact same thing,I can really relate.
Sounds like a good story. If it has a pet it's for me.

Chiron said...

Whoops! What a great meeting!!

You're such a great writer, Stacey. So visual. I just love it!

Now, of course, I'm contemplating iced coffee. *grin*

Chiron O'Keefe

Jackie B. said...

Hi and Welcome. I like the excerpt. Sounds like a fun read. I think the question should be do you want coffee with your Sugar?! I would need lots of coffee (caffeine)to keep up with a big, entergetic pup like Sugar. I am a dog lover and have several myself but I got little ones.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Sandy--thanks so much for stopping by, it's always nice when a good friend show up. :) Thanks for the compliment, and I never did say congratulations on your third contract with Eirlander!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Hey--I'm back from my RWA meeting, we had a great program about archetypes by Golden Heart Finalist, Virginia McCullough. Hope the afternoon was good for all of you!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Laughing Wolf-you'd definitely have fun with Sugar--she's a handful! I had a blast writing her.

Don't know how you can drink coffee straight, but then again, I'm a tea drinker, unless it's flavored 'crap' my dh turns his nose up at. Until he had a Pumpkin Spice Cappuchino at Starbucks at Christmas. :)

BTW, I took a peek at your blog. Very interesting--I'll have to go peruse when I have more time!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Charles--great answer-*big grin*. The very next paragraph, Dana has to dig ice cubes out of her shirt.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Thanks, T-Anne. Yes, you'd need that and more with Sugar. :) Plus, you find out in the first story that Sugar has separation anxiety. And, she falls in love with handsome men very easily--something Charlie's sister Tara finds out at the fair.

Diesel said...

Any more contenders? Remember, Stacey will award the best answer (or maybe just the best comment) with a free copy of Welcome to Redemption. Step right up, don't be shy!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Edie--much as I love Great Danes, I have a feeling one might be too big for me, too. Maybe when the kids are grown...? Thanks for coming over!

Mary--as long as you didn't get soaked like Dana. lol. I'll be dog sitting my mom and dad's 8mo old German Shepard (Dakota) this weekend, along with their 4 daschunds. It promises to be an interesting weekend. :) What's your puppy's name?

Chiron--thanks! If you liked this meeting, well, Wes, the hero in my first story of the anthology, meets Sugar just minutes after she gulped a little girl's ice cream cone at the fair. Poor Wes... Sugar is lactose intolerant. :)

Hi Jackie! I have to agree about all that caffiene with Sugar. In fact, I may just have to try a cup of it this weekend at my parent's house. :)

Thanks to everyone who's stopped by so far!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Yes, please leave a comment so I can pick a winner later!

Unfortunately, I was told yesterday that "It's in your best interests" to go to a certain work function tonight (on my day off), so I have to step away for a little while. I hope to be home about 7:30p CST, 8pm at the latest.

Get your comments and any questions in and I'll pick a winner upon my return! Enjoy your dinners everyone--I'll be snacking on appetizers. :(

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Since Stacey had to step out for a while she asked me to blog. I thought I'd share an excerpt from A Fair of the Heart, which is the opening story of Welcome To Redemption. Hopefully, it pastes okay. :-)
* * * * *

After brushing the hair clippings from his neck and shoulders, Lauren swept the cape away and tried to hand him a mirror.

He waved it away and pulled out his wallet. "I'm sure it's fine. So what do I owe you?"

"Ten bucks." She accepted the twenty he handed her and opened her cash box to pull out a ten.

"Keep it. Put it toward a new doorknob."

With a grateful nod, she stuck the ten back in the box. "Thanks."

Caleb winked at her and turned to leave. He stepped on a loose floorboard on his way to the door. "Your husband's not much of a handyman, is he?"

"I'm divorced. And no, he never was much of a handyman. Philandering? Now, there's a sport he excelled at."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean--"

She waved him off. "Consider us even in the foot-in-mouth department."

He held her gaze for a moment, then casually glanced around. Lauren inwardly cringed. By the time her ex had left her for greener pastures of the big-boobed variety, the house had pretty much been falling down around her ears. And with only one income to pay bills, mortgage, and take care of her two kids, there wasn't much leftover for home repairs.

"I'm not very handy either, as you can see." She shrugged, making no apologies for her lack of carpentry skills.

He surprised her with a soft chuckle. "Yep. Got that. Listen, I have some free time later this afternoon. It wouldn't take me long to do some general repairs."

Lauren stared at him for several heartbeats, at a loss as to what to say. No one had ever offered to help before. "I appreciate it, but...well, truth is I wouldn't be able to pay you much. And by much, I mean nothing." She gave him a cheeky grin.

"I wouldn't accept your money anyway. I was thinking more along the lines of old-fashioned bartering."

She crossed her arms and cocked a brow. "You're entering dangerous territory, Mr. Hunter." Okay, so the guy was a hottie. Didn't mean she'd jump into bed with him to get a few doorknobs reattached, or a few loose board nailed down. Or the closet door in Emma's room put back on track, or the screen in Max's bedroom window patched, or the vanity door in the upstairs bathroom re-hinged, or--

"I meant supper, Ms. Frazier. As in a home cooked meal? Haven't had one in years and thought a couple hours of home repairs might be worth some meatloaf and mashed potatoes, maybe some buttered rolls."

Lauren's cheeks grew hot, surprising her. Blushing? Her? Wow, now there's a novelty. "I can do supper. Although my son, Max, might run away from home if I make meatloaf. How about chicken and rice bake and some of those pop-open crescent rolls?"

"Throw in dessert, and it's a deal."

Lauren leaned a hip against the wall. "Well, now, dessert is a whole other ballgame. Especially 'home cooked' dessert."

He grinned. "Name your price."

"Max's bottom dresser drawer. It's been stuck shut for months."


"What else?"

He stuck out his hand. "Deal."

Diesel said...

Hey folks, I gotta run out and get some dinner (it's only 6pm for me), but I don't want to close the contest quite yet. So you have until I get back to leave a comment and maybe win a copy of Stacey & Donna's book. Come on, I know there are lurkers out there. What do you have to lose?

laughingwolf said...

thx stacey, welcome any time

as for coffee, i do give mine a dollop of cream, to mellow it out ;)

if SUGAR was for real, she'd be little prob for me, i'm 6'4" and some 250 lb :O

always had big dogs, but they're not allowed in this apartment building, so getting a sheltie pup in late june, they'll be born latter half of this month :)

laughingwolf said...

donna, thx for that bit you posted

sounds like good times for both :O lol

Bee (the one who muses) said...

Am I within the 30 minutes?? Please say yes please yes.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Bee, you're good! My work thing ran over, but I'm going to pick a winner in a moment...

I have a hard time picking the best answer because I appreciate everyone stopping by, so I'm going to draw. However, each comment you made gets an entry.

And the winner is...

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Thank you, LaughingWolf. If you win or decide to give it a try, I hope you enjoy it. :-)

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I had my 6yr old son pick a name and he picked...

EDIE! Congratulations, I'll e-mail you your copy of WELCOME TO REDEMPTION tonight!

A sincere thank you to everyone who joined in and commented, and answered the question! :)

Diesel, thank you for being a good Roast Master (is that what it's called?). I hope you enjoyed your dinner. :) My appetizers were pretty good.

Thank you to Book Roast for this blog and the opportunity to share WELCOME TO REDEMPTION with all of you!

Have a great night!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Laughingwolf--about you having no problem with Sugar...well, Charlie's close to your size, and that's what he thought.*grin*

I hope you find the perfect pup this June. Enjoy!

Diesel said...

Ok, folks, I gotta close this thing down. Stacey and/or her partner in crime will pick a winner shortly. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Diesel, the winner is noted above. :)

Thanks again for having me! I look forward to spreading the word about the blog!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

And let me add my thanks to Book Roast and everyone for posting. :-)

Edie, congratulations, hope you enjoy it! :-)

Diesel said...

Sorry, I left my comment without reading the last few! Congrats, Edie!

laughingwolf said...

grats edie... and thx stacey and donna :)

Gabrielle Faust said...

I would love to participate on your blog at some point this summer if possible. More information about my vampire series can be found on my website: