Monday, March 3, 2008

February 2009

If you would like to reserve a date in February, please check availability, then state your preference in the comments section. Please also include your email here for easy reference. Thank you!

RM: Shona
Sunday, Feb 1: open
Monday, Feb 2: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Feb 3: Ann Tracy Marr - Regency fantasy romance Thwarting Magic
Wednesday, Feb 4: Jamie Ford, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Thursday, Feb 5: Mary Cunningham, Cynthia's Attic YR series and WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty (women's humor)
Friday, Feb 6: open
Saturday, Feb 7: open
Sunday, Feb 8: open

RM: Sarah
Monday, Feb 9: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Feb 10: Vicki Delany - Valley of the Lost
Wednesday, Feb 11: Kimber Chin - Invisible
Thursday, Feb 12: Hywela Lyn - Starquest
Friday, Feb 13: open
Saturday, Feb 14: open
Sunday, Feb 15: open

RM: Diesel
Monday, Feb 16: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Feb 17: Laura Benedict
Wednesday, Feb 18: Carleen Brice, Orange Mint and Honey
Thursday, Feb 19: Cynthia, Cynsations blog
Friday, Feb 20: Ann Broyles, Priscella and the Hollyhocks
Saturday, Feb 21: open
Sunday, Feb 22: open

RM: Chris
Monday, Feb 23: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Feb 24: Helen Hemphill
Wednesday, Feb 25: Patricia Harman: The Blue Cotton Gown
Thursday, Feb 26: Margay Lee Justice
Friday, Feb 27: open
Saturday, Feb 28: open


Chris Eldin said...

((For informational purposes only))

Ann Tracy Marr:

Jamie Ford:

Mary Cunningham:

Vicki Delany:

Kimber Chin:

Hywela Lyn:

Laura Benedict:

Carleen Brice:

Helen Hemphill said...

Chris: How about Tuesday, Feb 24th for date. Thanks, Helen Hemphill

Chris Eldin said...

Thanks Helen!

You got it!

Anne Broyles said...

I would like Friday, February 20th to highlight PRISCILLA AND THE HOLLYHOCKS. Thanks for the opportunity!

Anne Broyles

Hywela Lyn said...

Yes, thanks so much, this looks like a wonderful promotional tool. Sorry I didn't comment before. I got slightly confused over the other Blog and am still battling with a bad case of cold!

Julie Schoerke said...

Hi Chris,

Could we please schedule Patricia Harman, author of The Blue Cotton Gown: A Midwife's Memoir for Wednesday, Feb. 25? You've got a great line-up!


Margay said...

Chris, I would like to schedule myself in for February 26th, please.
Margay Leah Justice

erik ryman said...

Hi Chris - I'm not sure if you allow UK authors to join in, but if so the 28th February would be cool if you'll have me. I have a book called 'Doggone' out that day..

Many thanks
Erik Ryman