Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 2009

If you would like to reserve a date in March, please check availability, then state your preference in the comments section. Please also include your email here for easy reference. Thank you!

RM: Jason
Sunday, Mar 1: open
Monday, Mar 2: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Mar 3: Jaye Wells, Red-Headed Stepchild
Wednesday, Mar 4: Mark (me@markhenry.us)
Thursday, Mar 5: Hywela Lyn - Dancing With Fate
Friday, Mar 6: Malena Lott
Saturday, Mar 7: open
Sunday, Mar 8: open

RM: Shona
Monday, Mar 9: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Mar 10: PJ Hoover (triciajh (at) yahoo (dot) com)
Wednesday, Mar 11: Ann Carter (annecarter@beaconstreetbooks.com)
Thursday, Mar 12: Cindy Green
Friday, Mar 13: Christina Phillips (christina@christinaphillips.com)
Saturday, Mar 14: open
Sunday, Mar 15: open

RM: Chris
Monday, Mar 16: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Mar 17: reserved
Wednesday, Mar 18: reserved
Thursday, Mar 19: reserved
Friday, Mar 20: reserved
Saturday, Mar 21: open
Sunday, Mar 22: open

RM: Sarah
Monday, Mar 23: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Mar 24: Christine Clemetson (cdclemetson@aol.com)
Wednesday, Mar 25: open
Thursday, Mar 26: Sandra Kay (romwriterskb@sandrakayauthor.com)
Friday, Mar 27: open
Saturday, Mar 28: open
Sunday, Mar 29: open

RM: Diesel
Monday, Mar 30: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, Mar 31: Jeri Smith-Ready (jeri AT jerismithready DOT com)
Wednesday, Apr 1: open
Thursday, Apr 2: open
Friday, Apr 3: open
Saturday, Apr 4: Stacey Joy Netzel (Snetzel@wildblue.net)
Sunday, Apr 5: open


Jaye Wells said...

Hello Book Roasters! My name is Jaye Wells and I'd love to be broiled on March 3. My book is RED-HEADED STEPCHILD.

Anne Carter said...

Hey Chris,

My name is Anne Carter, author of POINT SURRENDER, and I'd love the March 11th spot! Thanks...


Mark said...

March 4th would be perfect for roasting my second zombie comedy on a spit. The book is Road Trip of the Living Dead; I'm Mark Henry, pleased to "meet" you!

Mark said...

Forgot the email...


Cindy K. Green said...

I'd like to schedule a date on March 10th for my historical western-The Heart Never Lies.

Christine Clemetson said...

Hi Roasters!

Nice to meet you!If possible, I'd love my historical romance book "A Daughter's Promise to be roasted on March 24.

Thank you!
Christine Clemetson

Christina Phillips said...


My name is Christina Phillips, and I'd love the Friday 13th March spot to roast my next release, TOUCH OF THE DEMON.

My email is christina@christinaphillips.com

Thank you!

Malena Lott said...

I'd love to book Fri. march 6th to promote my book, Dating da Vinci.

Malena Lott said...

I'd love to book Fri. march 6th to promote my book, Dating da Vinci.

PJ Hoover said...

Hi, I'd love the March 10th slot for my book THE EMERALD TABLET. Thanks!

triciajh (at) yahoo (dot) com

Chris Eldin said...

Hi Everyone,

THanks for signing up!

If you haven't left an email, please do so!! Thanks!

PJ, I'll try to contact you, but March 10 is taken by Cindy....Can you choose another?


Chris Eldin said...

Hi Again,

Cindy Green, I tried to find an email for you, but I cannot see one on your web page. Please drop by before Feb 25 and leave your email, or I need to release March 10.


PJ Hoover said...

Would March 25th work? Thanks!

Chris Eldin said...

Hi PJ,

I haven't heard from Cindy Green, so I need to release March 10, and since you originally asked for that date, I'm going to put your name there.. Will contact you via email.

Cindy, I'm very sorry, but I couldn't find a way of contacting you directly. I hope you drop by and reschedule for another date, but also leave your email please!!!


Cindy K. Green said...

Hey Chris,
Sorry you couldn't get a hold of me. I sent my information and Shona sent me an email scheduling me for the 10th. No worries. Could I have the 12th instead? cindykgreen@gmail.com. Thanks!

Jeri said...

Hey there! I'm Jeri Smith-Ready and I'd like to, er, feel the heat *nudge nudge* on March 31. My book is the mass market reprint of WICKED GAME (if it's OK to roast reprints).

E-mail is jeri AT jerismithready DOT com.

Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

My name is Sandra Kay, author of Heart of Stone with The Wild Rose Press. I'd love to schedule Mar. 25 or 26, if still available.


Chris Eldin said...

Hi Sandra and Jeri,

Got it!!

Please email your materials, if you haven't already done so...