Thursday, March 6, 2008

May 2009

If you would like to reserve a date in May, please check availability, then state your preference in the comments section. Please also include your email here for easy reference. Thank you!

RM: Sarah
Friday, May 1: Sharon
Saturday, May 2: closed
Sunday, May 3: closed

RM: Jason
Monday, May 4: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, May 5: reserved (JE)
Wednesday, May 6: Cindy
Thursday, May 7: Lucienne Diver (agent)
Friday, May 8: Joan Delahaye
Saturday, May 9: closed
Sunday, May 10: closed

RM: Diesel
Monday, May 11: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, May 12: Donna Rogers
Wednesday, May 13: reserved (Shona)
Thursday, May 14: reserved (Sarah)
Friday, May 15: Maria Geraci
Saturday, May 16: closed
Sunday, May 17: closed

RM: Shona
Monday, May 18: Mystery Publisher
Tuesday, May 19: Erica Orloff: Magic Keepers
Wednesday, May 20: Jeri (jeri AT jerismithready DOT com )
Thursday, May 21: reserved (BT)
Friday, May 22: Susan ((email in comments))
Saturday, May 23: closed
Sunday, May 24: closed

RM: Sarah
Monday, May 25: Hywela Lyn (hywelalyn dot co dot uk)
Tuesday, May 26: reserved (Diesel)
Wednesday, May 27: reserved (Dee)
Thursday, May 28: Ms. Spitfire


Marissa Doyle said...

Hello! My next YA, Betraying Season (Henry Holt) comes out on May 26...may I respectfully request a spot under the broiler that day? :)

Marissa Doyle

P.S. I'm in the throes of changing my e-mail address as of, like, Monday will be

cindy said...

hi roast master! i'd like to book wednesday 5/6 if possible! alternate date would be wednesday 5/13. thanks!

Lucienne said...

Maybe Thursday, May 7th for Vamped?

Jeri said...

Hey, it's me again, Jeri Smith-Ready, looking to crispy-fy my new release BAD TO THE BONE on Wednesday, May 20.

jeri AT jerismithready DOT com

Thanks for the opportunity--love your site!

Hywela Lyn said...

Hi Roastmasters

If you're not sick of me, could I book the 29th May for the roasting of my new release 'Children Of The Mist'which will be out on 19th June.

Thanks so much, this is such a fun site!

Hywelalyn at hywelalyn dot co dot uk

Chris Eldin said...

Hi All,

Thanks, Got it! And Marissa, I received your email, I'll reply in a bit...


Stacey Joy Netzel said...

I'd like to request Sunday, May 3rd. My book Chasin' Mason releases in print on May 1st. my e-mail is Thank you!

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Hi, I would love to reserve Tuesday May 12th, if it's still open, for my release There's Only Been You.

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Just realized I forgot to include my email address.

Maria Geraci said...

Hi, I'd like to request Friday, May 15 for my romantic comedy, Bunco Babes Tell All. Thanks!

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Chris, I respectfully cxl my request for Sunday May 3rd. Sorry!

(I've re-requested for an April date.)


Anonymous said...

Hello! Could I please request the 8th of May for my horror novel Shadows? I promise no bunnies are boiled in this one.

Thank you!
Joan De La Haye

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot my email address:

Sharon Donovan said...

Hello Roast Masters! I would like to request Tuesday May 12 if possible. I would like to promote Lasting Love, an inspirational contemporary. Thank you. This is a fun site. My email is

Susan Wingate said...

Tuesday, May 12: open
Hello! I'd like to reserve May 12 for my book roast of "Bobby's Diner".

My email address is:

Thank you and I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Eldin said...

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's taken me a while to check these, but we're all caught up.

May is now closed (Sorry!)

There were three requests for May 12, but I had to go with the first request and my apologies for this.

The only two dates we have left open in May are Friday May 1 and Friday May 22---I'm putting these on hold for Susan and Sharon, and hopefully we can accomadate!

Thanks to everyone!!!


Chris Eldin

Kristin Callender said...

Hi Chris,

When will the June calendar be available for booking? I am interested in participating in Book Roast with my new mystery, The Truth Lies in the Dark. I would love to offer 2 books for a giveaway, one signed for the winner and another donated in the winner's name to their favorite public library. If it is possible to reserve June 16th, please put me down and I will check back in.

Kristin Callender
The Truth Lies in the Dark

Pamela K. Kinney said...

If any day in May is open toward end I have my new nonfiction ghost book, Haunted Virginia: Legends, Myths and True Tales coming out in May (Sundays fine except Mother's day--Saturdays I can't). if not what is open for first week in June (not Saturday, June 6th as have live book signing).
Pamela K. Kinney

Janet Mullany said...

How about July? May I grab or be grabbed sometime after 7/23?