Thursday, September 25, 2008

Friday's special is..Smooth Lies!

Smooth Lies by Sara Thacker

Sara's books are available from The Wild Rose Press
If you're not lucky enough to win your copy here, then order one from The Wild Rose Press for the chance to win a Sony e-reader! More details and a book trailer can be found at Sara's blog.

Secrets are never a good thing. Especially between husbands and wives. Especially when they're dangerous secrets. The kind that put your life at risk.

Sophia and Jake Henley are caught between military secrets and the secrets of their marriage. With Jake's former commanding officer already having made an attempt on Jake's life, both Jake and Sophia are in danger. The problem is that Sophia's secret life is to blame - the secret life Jake doesn't know about. And telling him will only deepen the danger...

Here's an excerpt:

The door squeaked opened behind her. She crossed her arms covering her breasts, looking over her shoulder to find Jake standing in the doorway. “Can’t you knock?”

He cracked a smile and her legs grew weak. He’d lied to her. His job as a computer developer and sales person didn’t exist. If he had been truthful, maybe she would have understood. Hell, who was she kidding? She didn’t want to marry into the Army. She liked not being an Army wife. At the stores in town she would see those pathetic women carrying around a passel of kids, waiting for their husbands to make it home safely. But she had been different, detached from them and yet in the same position without even realizing it. Secretly, at one point, she had been jealous of the Army wives. They had support when their husbands took off for months at a time. She had nothing but a ring on her finger and no one at home.

Jake moved closer. Sophia gave her head a short shake, warning him to stay away, but he didn’t notice or didn’t care. His strong arms went around her shoulders, pulling her close. He spun her towards him and crushed her arms against his chest. His fingers ran down her spine, soothing the tired muscles in her back.

“I’m sorry you were put in the middle of this.”

Sophia hiccupped a sob. Her throat constricted and words failed her.

“Sophia, I know it’s hard to believe, but I was going to change. Just this last project, it had to be completed.”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses.” Sophia’s plea was weak. She did want to hear it. She strained to believe anything he could tell her so this entire mess would make sense.

“I need to get you to safety and then I have to stop this madness.”

“What? You’re just going to dump me somewhere and then run off again.”

“No, I’m not going to dump you anywhere. But these people are playing for keeps. They mean business. They already tried to kill me and almost succeeded.”

“Where have you been?”

Jake held Sophia away from him. His grey eyes had darkened and were hooded with worry. “I’ve been in Romania.”

“Why there?”

“Over a month ago, my CO dumped me into the Black Sea and expected me to die.”

“Oh my God, Jake, are you okay? Shit, of course you’re okay. You’re here.”

“I’m fine.” Jake swallowed the guilt of his lie. He wasn’t fine. His body ached. His bones were tired and his muscles throbbed from the exhaustive exercise today. He could last only a few more days at this pace before he started making major mistakes.

“You’re lying.”


“Not telling the truth, you know, lying. That’s what you’re doing. Just like with your job. Did you ever love me?” Sophia’s voice rose with each word. Her body shook and her face flamed pink.

“Sophia, I do love you. I just don’t know how to be a husband.”

“Maybe you should work on figuring that out?”

* * *

And on to the questions...

1. What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?
2. What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?
3. What does it take to be a good husband?

And do ask Sara about her SWAT experience...


Shona Snowden said...

Welcome to Friday's Roast! Especially our lovely author, Sara Thacker.

Sara Thacker said...

Hello Everyone, Wow those are tough questions. I'm looking forward to this. Honestly it will make my day on Friday so much better. I'm doing something that few want to do, not everyone gets called to do but most people grumble about it. Yes, Jury Duty. But lucky for me they have a public internet service and I can attach without any problem.

Phoenix said...

Ooh, this one looks fun. Sorry about the jury duty stint, Sara. As you say, at least you'll have entertainment. Try not to giggle too much at us (unless, of course, you don't want to be selected...)

I'm not eligible to win (man, spending a fortune on the TBR pile these days!), but wanna play.

1. Smoothest lie: Sure, Chris, I'd love to help host Book Roast.

2. Cover up: Spouseless, but I'll say the remote.

3. Good husband: Distance. Lots and lots of distance.

McKoala said...

BTW, Sara, we want to know your answers too... But you can wait until the end!

Sara Thacker said...

Hi Phoenix, surely you've told a better lie. Well, maybe not. And I would agree, sometimes distance is the best thing for a marriage.

peggy said...

Good morning everyone! Hey this looks like a cool book!
Hope my puter stays on today so I can play, missed it yesterday!

Okay, my answers might be...
1. Smoothest lie: I'd just love to be on the jury!

2. Cover up: Putting frosting on the dogs face..Hey the dog ate it, not me!
3. Good husband: One who builds cat beds but hates cats :)

Sara Thacker said...

Hi Mckoala,

I've been thinking about my answers. Of course, since I've been sitting on a jury all week (yes, I was one of the few and picked) I've been trying to figure out a way to answer the questions without lying. Because in court, you can't lie.

I'll answer before the day is up. My day, in Texas, not somewhere else on the planet. And I'm sure they will be truthful answers.

Sara Thacker said...

Ahhhh Peggy, he builds cat beds and he hates cats. That's sweet.

Frosting on the dogs face? What flavor? Not that it really matters, but strawberry would have looked totally ridiculous.

I think the Jury Duty lie would be obvious. Although, we're all women and there are only 11 of us so we've dubbed ourselves the "11 angry women" in reference to the movie "12 Angry Men" We've had fun and it's not been too bad since we all like shoes and chocolate.

ChrisEldin said...

Good morning everyone!!

"What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?"
HA! The candy wrappers.

Sara Thacker said...

Chris, I would cover those up too depending on what type of candy and if I was willing to share.

Whirlochre said...

What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?

Q : "What do I look like in this dress?"
A : "It's gossamer sheen is a silky miracle, complementing to perfection the immodest swathes of cellulite hinted at beneath—"


What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?

The thousand Watt vibrating inflatable harem.

What does it take to be a good husband?

A halo, ear muffs and a portable worm hole to a universe of flowers and chocolates.

Janet said...

This sounds like a cool story.

1. What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?
The colour of those new frames really suits your face. (Other than that, your glasses are exquisitely hideous.)
2. What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?
The unpaid bills...
3. What does it take to be a good husband?
Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.

laughingwolf said...

welcome sara... enjoy your jd!

1. my smoothest lie was telling myself i was the best... at everything!

2. if i have one again, i'd cover up nothing... would have no secrets from her, same as before

3. a 'good husband' gives 100%, same as she does... otherwise they both begin to wonder who is getting that missing percentage?

...ok sara, spill on your swat experience ;)

Sara Thacker said...


Very nice answers. Great answer about the dress. I like the Harem. Yes, the worm hole would be nice.

Sara Thacker said...

Janet, I love that chocolate. And the bills, who hasn't covered up a bill or two. Ummm, glasses. I'm wearing my contacts today but glasses are iffy. I love my new glasses they are styling. I need to get a picture up of them.

Sara Thacker said...

Laughingwolf, you saw the SWAT thing. So I loved your answers. During my lunch break I'll give the scoop about my SWAT experience.

Word said...

Hi Sara,

1. What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?

It's not you. It's me.

2. What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?

Welllll, I've been known to shut down the puter to try and hide the fact that I'm once again visiting writer's websites and blogs like this one ;-)

3. What does it take to be a good husband?

One who really doesn't give a shit what I do with my spare time, but still takes the time to know what interests me even if it doesn't interest him. Oh and he absolutely must be able to play the "what if" scenarios with all of the unanswered submits.

laughingwolf said...

thx sara, i will look for that when i get back :D

Sara Thacker said...

Word, very true lie though in terms of not wanting to hurt others. It's so much easier than saying I don't like you because you pick your teeth with your credit card. I've been known to coverup about the websites I'm visiting. That would be a good husband.

ChrisEldin said...

How's the Jury Duty Sara? Any interesting criminals over there?

Sara Thacker said...

What did I do with the SWAT Team? When I took a citizens police academy class we did a small segment on SWAT tactics. One night we went out to a burn building for a neighboring city and they cut the lights. We were tasked with going into the building and finding the criminal.

I dressed in full riot gear and did the simulated building invasion. It was exceeding cool to be carrying an M15 and a Glock on my hip. The vest I was wearing had all the bells and whistles that would make any SWAT team member envious.

I had on a black tactical vest with a ceramic plate to prevent any shotgun rounds from piercing the vest. The M15 was attached to a strap that was slung around my body and over my shoulder. Finally I was topped off with a SWAT helmet, which didn’t really fit and almost flew across the room while we were doing the building invasion.

The harness, which held the Glock, was uncomfortable. However, the convenience of having the gun in my hands with one flick of my thumb far outweighed any inconvenience that the harness presented. While standing around I repeatedly reached down, trying to get a feel for unharnessing that particular piece of weaponry. Within ten minutes I realized how easy it was to reach down, flip the safety on the harness and pull the handgun out, ready to fire on the enemy. Of course the safety was on the harness, not the Glock because guess what? Glock's don't have safetys.

Carrying the M15 felt powerful.
Both guns had lights on the end of them, this feature made it easy to spotlight the room as we entered the building. I was on the team that veered right, securing a small space that held few obstacles. I moved into the box shaped room and positioned myself to the left of the door and held my position with my back to the wall. I used the flashlight on the end of the M15 to check for our suspect. My partner entered behind me, doing a full sweep of the interior of the room. We were clear. Our suspect was in another area of the building.

Of course this was a simulated exercise, in a real takedown I’m sure adrenalin would be pumping through my veins making my heart race through my chest. A few of the other women who participated in the exercise told me later that they were afraid when they entered the building.

The stories from the SWAT team were very interesting. A few of the guys talked about standing on top of Flashbangs as they went off, not even being effected by the flash of light and or the noisy explosion. They all said that adrenalin pumped through their veins before each takedown, keeping them on their toes as they moved into position.

Smooth is fast, was one phrase they kept repeating over and over. SWAT teams are to move into an area smoothly, not rushing into a room, running over themselves and the suspects. They want to move smoothly over the area, checking every nook and cranny as they go.

The SWAT guys were great. They had an interesting sense of humor and didn't hesitate to use it. I can guarantee you one thing. i would hate to be on the wrong end of a SWAT team.

Sara Thacker said...

Chris, if we were only don't a criminal trial. It's a civil trial. But the female attorney is--interesting.

Word said...

Hi Sara -

How exceptionally cool that you were able to participate in that SWAT exercise.

What's truly amazing to me is the fact that SWAT teams truly are smooth even though they are so weighed down from the required "gear".

What you said about the weaponry is also's the first thing that struck me about firing a gun.

Hubby's a cop and has always been "on" me about learning to fire a gun. Of course, ying and yang, I've never had any interest in guns. They scare the crap out of me.

But one day he did succeed in taking me to the firing range, and I was a little more than surprised to feel the power. Almost as if it is an extension of yourself. Scary, because it does feel empowering and in the wrong hands - uhg.

Sara Thacker said...

Hey Word, I love the guns. There's nothing better than a good cop.

Going back into the court room. Will be back later to answer questions.

What is everyone doing for Friday night?

Whirlochre said...

Friday night = extreme pasta, extreme Merlot, extreme comedy TV and sublime sleep.

If any kung fu kicks off in the street, it'll be a bonus.

Janet said...

Friday nights? People do things on Friday nights?

peggy said...

Wow, what a cool adventure! I only shoot small firearms and blackpowder, I do historical re enactments called rondyvoos and your swat team experience sounds even more exciting! Hay, good luck at that jury thing today:)

Great answers today by the way!

Precie said...

How cool (the SWAT thing). Can you tell us more about the citizens police academy class? Sounds fascinating. I don't think any such program is offered around here.

Probably for the best. It wouldn't be safe to give me a gun for a SWAT exercise, though. I'm clumsy as all get out. I'm sure I'd injure myself in some embarassing way.

laughingwolf said...

thx sara, did some pi work eons ago... and was a volunteer fireman for a few years, but nothing as exciting as what you experienced

great 'hands on' for your upcoming writing, i'm sure

Shona Snowden said...

Well, I've had Friday night and it involved a couple of drinks with some friends, followed by a Thai dinner with DH.

Sara, can you use your SWAT experience to escape the courtroom with a minimum of bloodshed? Have you checked your exits?!

peggy said...

My Friday night? Wel ,hiding out here in my office aka The Bridge.. husband brought me a nice cold beer and a tall glass of Ice. I'm wierd, like my brewski's over ice. Then gonna try and play on the scooter, if I haven't had too many, if I have. I'll fall down and come back in here and play?

What about you after Jury duty...any plans?

Shona Snowden said...

Sara, is your mind drifting in the slow bits? Are you writing another novel in your head?!

Sara Thacker said...

I am free until Monday. YEA! Boo that I have to go back. However, this means that I don't have to serve on a jury or go ot jury duty to be called for 3 years. So they can call me all they want, I don't have to go at all in the next 3 years.

ChrisEldin said...

I LOVE the SWAT story!

I went to a firing range once, but I'm too afraid of guns. Still though, now you have me thinking about taking self-defense courses, something I've always wanted to do...

BuffySquirrel said...

1. What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?

I'm lousy at lying. The truth is so much easier! But I think the smoothest was when I convinced my parents that the thing just broke when I dropped it, rather than that I whanged it in frustration and then it broke....

2. What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?

My writing. God knows why, as he never reads it anyway.

3. What does it take to be a good husband?

The ability to say, with conviction, "It's all right".

Sara Thacker said...

Hey Shona, the jury was given the case this afternoon and we debated for 2.5 hours. I just got home.

My SWAT experience was so much fun. I also took a citizens fire academy.

Precie, the citizens police academy was done through their public relations department. Any citizen can take the class. They do it to make their presence more well known. Like I know the police chief, and the fire chief from both citizens academys. IT means that I'm more likely to call them if I see something wrong. Like on Wednesday morning I had a man, approx 55 yrs old, approach me about a truck following a girl on a bicycle. He didn't call police but he thought the girl might have been abducted. I didn't see anything but did go to the school to make sure they knew there had been something hinky going on. The guy did nothing. If I would have seen the truck following the girl I would have called 911 without hesitation.

Some of the police academy and the fire academy was boring. I did have the opportunity to shoot a AK47, I climbed up a fire ladder to about 65 feet in the air. I used the jaws of life to disassembled a car. I've held a fire hose that sprayed water. I've ridden in the back of a fire truck as we raced to an emergency, that was very cool. I've also had the opportunity to talk to so many different police officers and firemen in addition to a few FBI agents and other officers and officials.

Sara Thacker said...

Whirlochre, that sounds like a fun Friday. I would have to say that after a full day all I want to do is sit in my PJ's and watch TV.

Sara Thacker said...

Hey Janet, I'm into the PJ's and hot coco. Not doing anything either. Maybe next weekend I'll do something.

Sara Thacker said...

Laughingwolf, PI work. That would be fun. And fire department, even volunteer work would be very, very cool.

Sara Thacker said...

Have fun Peggy on The Bridge.

Chris, you should take a self defense class. One of the things that makes writing so much fun is getting people into trouble. There's some things you shouldn't do, and other things you should do when in situations. Learning self defense helps you determine what to do and when. Helps you get out out of dangerous situations without ever getting into them.

Buffy, I love your answers. I like the 'It's all right' answer. It does take a man like that to make it all work.

Sara Thacker said...

My answers -

1. What is the smoothest lie you've ever told?

Wow, that's a hard one. I guess it would be - No, everything is fine.

2. What do you cover up when your spouse enters the room unexpectedly?

Cookies. No, really there isn't much I cover up. Maybe if I have a suprise I'll hide it, but usually he knows everything.

3. What does it take to be a good husband?

The ability to say I'm sorry and mean it. And the ability to say Yes dear.

IceMan said...

Hi all,
Sara's husband here (a.k.a IceMan).
I read all of Sara's books and works-in-progress and I love them!

For those of you wanting something to do on this Friday night, check out Sara's other writing persona Sara York at . Definitely not for the shy!

IceMan said...

Oops ! I got the URL wrong for Sara's other site :

Have fun and read it with your SO !

peggy said...

My puter must suck big time..I can't get to the site :)
Sara, you have been awesome today! I'm glad your home for the week end..take care, have fun and write more cool books.
Me signing off from the Bridge! By the way, husband did good, I'll post pictures next week on my blog, it looks quite spacey! LOL..

well what would you expect from a sci fi writer?

Sara Thacker said...

Today has been fun. I'll be kicking back this evening in the PJ's with some spiked hot coco. I think I deserve one. I'll keep the computer close by too.

laughingwolf said...

both were interesting, yes, and learned a few things as well

neither of the links your hubby posted work for me, either :(

Sara Thacker said...

Hmmm, what did he post wrong? is what I go to.

peggy said...

ThT WoRKED GREAT! crap ....cap loc was on... I do hate typing in the dark :)

Sara Thacker said...

The CAP's button has gotten me on more than one occasion. i'm glad that worked for you.

Shona Snowden said...

Ooh, Sara has a secret identity! It's always the quiet ones...

We'll keep on roasting for now for the night owls; I'll probably close off this evening my time, middle of the night for you.

Shona Snowden said...

I'm thinking you've already crashed...

Shona Snowden said...

OK, I'm officially closing down all you chatterboxes.

Sara, please choose a winner! And thank you for managing to chat so much, despite jury duty!

Sara Thacker said...

Congratulations Peggy, I think it was the cats that did me in.

laughingwolf said...

way to go again, peggy!

thx sara, fun to meet you :D

as for the link, the http:// is missing... my bad for not seeing it

ChrisEldin said...

This has been a LOT of fun!!

Thank you so much, Sara, for playing with us!!!

peggy said...

Oh my! How fun! I can't wait to read it! Sara I hope you have a great weekend and maybe I'll bug you on your blog sometime too:)
Thanks so much!

What great fun I am having :)

sorry didn't answer right away, I have a sick kitty and am playing worried mom...

Sara Thacker said...

I had a lot of fun with all of you gals and guys. Hope to see you all agains soon.

Shona Snowden said...

Congrats Peggy and thank you Sara!

More great authors coming up in October!