Friday, September 12, 2008

More to come in Super September!

We're giving you a few days to let the agents settle, but be sure to head back here this Tuesday when we kick off our eight-day writer roast:

Tues, Sept 16: Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
Wed, Sept 17: Bill Cameron
Thur, Sept 18: Jason Pinter

Mon, Sep 22: Donna Storey
Tues, Sep 23: Ray Wong
Wed, Sep 24: Danette Haworth
Thurs, Sep 25: Susan Gilmore
Fri, Sep 26: Sara Thacker

We'll be open for business 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday 16 September when we'll be discussing food - real food! - with Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.

Remember that our 24-hour business hours for the week means that as soon as one contest is done, we start cooking with another! No waiting!


Bill Cameron said...

Just for the record, 6am Eastern Time is 3am in Normal Human Time (i.e., Pacific), but I promise to dream about Bookroast from 3am NHT to 6am NHT, which is about the time I expect to arrive at my computer on Wednesday morn!

I'm very excited. I plan to dress in loose fitting cotton and linen and keep a fire extinguisher next to me at all times throughout the day.

Phoenix said...

Cotton. A good choice. Highly flammable. You'll have to be quick with that fire extinguisher. Hope it's an industrial model.

laughingwolf said...

wunderbra ;) lol

Chumplet said...

At least if you wear cotton it won't melt to your skin, Bill.

Bill Cameron said...

I just figured cotton would be good because its ignition temperature is 465°F, and I dunno about anyone else, but when I make a pot roast I set the over to 375°.

Maybe I should wrap myself in foil instead, but take it off for the last hour for evening browning.

ChrisEldin said...

HAHAAH~ Yes, well, at least a vest!

Nice surprises are in store for next week!!
(Hey, we don't tell you everything right away!)

Shona Snowden said...

Bill, don't forget the marinade, ahem, sorry, sun cream. It's in the brown bottle next to the barbecue. Yes, I know there's no label. It's sun cream. Honest.

Ms.Callie said...

Sounds like this should be fun!

laughingwolf said...

bill, you KNOW books burn well at 451 F ;) lol