Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend Pleasures...

Chapter One: Chasing Smoke by Bill Cameron

On my list of suspicious circumstances to avoid, cop waking me up by rapping on my car window at five o’clock in the morning oughta be right up there. Not as high as letting a liquor store clerk spot my piece before my badge maybe, but higher than being caught ripping coupons out of the newspaper on my neighbor’s stoop.

Oughta be, but apparently isn’t.
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Chapter One: The Stolen by Jason Pinter


I saved the document and eased back in my chair. My body had grown accustomed to long days and nights spent in its discomfort. The first few months, I would go home nearly every day with a sore tailbone or stiff back, wondering if the supplies department would turn a blind eye and let me expense a newer model. Eventually I forgot about it. Then one day, I noticed I hadn’t thought about the aches and pains in months. They were a part of me now.
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ChrisEldin said...

Hi Everybody!

Phew!! I hope nobody witnessed the posting scramble over the past ten minutes.

I hope you'll make good use of your scrollbar this weekend because there are two fantastic chapters posted!!!

And I have it on good authority (thanks Chumplet) that Jason may be rolled up in a rug somewhere, so please keep checking back for the announcement of the winner!

Thanks everyone for dropping by the Book Roast!!!

Happy Reading!!

Janet said...

I "clicked here" and couldn't find the winner. Did I miss something?

ChrisEldin said...

Did you have the secret code?

Jason is in the process of moving, etc. He'll be posting the winner sometime this weekend. You know writers and their penchant for dramatic tension...

Janet said...

So in theory, this leaves me time for sucking up in the hopes that would increase my chances of winning, right?

But in practice, he will be too busy moving to notice my attempts. Rats.

Maybe you could edit the link out until he actually chooses the winner...

ChrisEldin said...

Hi Janet,
If the winner isn't posted by Sat am, I'll take down the link and repost it when the winner is announced.


peggy said...

The excerpt is sure intriguing for sure..It's sure been fun playing here. I am so glad my friend told me about it here, everyone is so nice and the books are great!
Thanks for letting me play, I'm posting the blog on my website and on Zoetrope..maybe that will get more readers too.